100mm Knauf Earthwool Acoustic Roll 2 x 600mm x 9.17m – 11.00m2 Pack

*£39.99 / Roll Inc VAT*

Earthwool acoustic roll provides a high level of sound absorption, whilst also improving the thermal and fire performance of the wall, floor or partition. Using glass mineral wool as a sound absorbent layer in partitions and floors significantly improves their acoustic performance, whilst only adding minimally to the overall mass of the structure. In partitions glass mineral wool complements the plasterboard linings by absorbing airborne sound in the cavity and reducing reverberation, it is particularly effective at preventing the hollow sound that can occur in partitions with unfilled cavities.

For internal floors, separating floors, internal walls and plasterboard partitions.

Thickness : 100mm.
Length : 9.17m.
Width : 600mm.
Pack quantity : 2x rolls.
Fire rating : Earthwool acoustic roll is classified as euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1.
Acoustic : Earthwool acoustic roll has exceptional acoustic absoption properties.

Earthwool acoustic roll is specifically designed for friction fitting between joists and studs at 400mm and 600mm centres to improve the sound insulation of :

Separating walls and floors.
Internal walls and floors.
Timber and metal stud partitions.

Earthwool acoustic roll is also designed for friction fitting between resilient timber battens and timber studs in robust detail separating floors and walls.

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