120mm x 19mm Treated Wooden Loglap Cladding


Loglap Softwood Cladding boards have a curved outer surface and a flat inner surface, when attached together give the appearance of a traditional log cabin.


  • Made from Spruce and Pine wood.
  • Pressure treated green cladding.
  • Kiln Dried.
  • Tongue and Groove design for easy installation.
  • FSC Certified

Can be attached to your chosen structure either horizontally or vertically in a simple and straightforward manner.

If applying the boards horizontally, begin at the base of the structure and work upwards with the “tongued” edge of the boards at the top and the “grooved” edge facing downwards. This will allow water to run off and safely away from the walls of the building.

Please avoid nails with smaller heads as they can pull through softwoods such as these. Flat-headed stainless steel annular or “ring shank” nails are the best choice for fixing the cladding by hand. However, a nail gun will save you a lot of time and energy.

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