Joint-IT (20kg) Brush In Resin Jointing Compound

*£44.99 Inc VAT / 20kg Tub*

Joint-It is a brush in Resin Paving Jointing Compound for jointing paving slabs, cobbles & Natural Stone.

Joint it is easy to apply – Simply brush in… and in all weather conditions too!

  1. Preparation: Make sure all joints are cleaned out to a minimum depth of 25mm  (minimum joint width of 3mm) and clear of any dirt.
  2. Pre-wet area prior to spreading Joint-It
  3. Pour Out: Open the lid of the container and pour Joint-It immediately onto area.
  4. Work In: Using a squeegee or street broom, spread it evenly. Work in so that it goes deep into the joints and is compacted.
  5. Add more water: Add more water sparingly to help Joint-It flow into joints of the paving, working diagonally across the joints to ensure Joint-It has penetrated all joints of the paving.
  6. Final Cleaning: Clean the surface carefully with a fine hair broom so that all Joint-It residue is removed. Always sweep diagonally across joint.

Take care not to brush the product out of joints or into nearby drains. Joint-It will start to harden in joints within 90 minutes at over 20 C degrees. In lower temperatures Joint-It will take longer to harden. Once bag is opened, contents must be used within 4 hours. Alternatively put any unused product into the bucket, first having removed the cardboard base, cover it with water and seal tightly with the bucket lid. This will keep for up to 4 weeks.

Approximate coverage using 4 size random paving per 20kg tub is 10 -12 sq m, depending on joint width and depth or for more accurate calculation please use the handy joint IT calculator

Joint-It is available in 3 paving-friendly colours:

  • Neutral (Buff)
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey


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