Paints and Treatments

*£49.99 / 25Ltr Tub Inc VAT*

908 dpm

Everbuild 908 DPM Rubber Bitumen Damp Proof Membrane 25Ltr

ronseal garden paint

Ronseal Garden Paint


Leyland Granocryl Smooth Masonry Paint

From £6.99 Inc VAT / 250ml


Hammerite Smooth Metal Paint Black

*10Ltr Tub £16.99 Inc VAT*

RS2997_LEYT_Contract_Matt_10L_BW_1024 Thumb

Leyland Trade Contract Matt Emulsion Paint 10Ltr

*£3.99 / 310ml Tube*


Forever White Sealant 310ml White

£16.99 Inc VAT / 5 Ltr


Tarmac Restorer 5 Ltrs

£19.99 (2.5Ltr) Inc VAT

Dulux Varnish

Dulux Trade Quick Drying Interior Varnish

From £4.99 (250ml)

Everbuild clear varnish

Everbuild Clear Varnish – Gloss / Satin

From £7.99 (250ml)

Damp seal

Thompsons One Coat Damp Seal – White 250ml / 750ml

From £5.49 (250ml)

Ronseal No Rust Metal Paint

Ronseal No Rust Metal Paint – Smooth Black

From £11.99 Inc VAT / 5 Ltr


Path and Patio Seal – Paving Stone Sealer

From £8.99 Inc VAT / 4 Ltr


Creocote – Creosote Replacement

*£6.99 Inc VAT / 5 Ltr Tub*


Ronseal Fencelife 5 Litre