*£149.99 Inc VAT*

100Ltr Belle Warrior Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

*£2.99 Each Inc VAT 500x500mm*

Black Plastic Ground Reinforcing Gravel Grids (500x500mm)

*£44.99 per 5Ltr Tub Inc VAT*

5Ltr Azpects Sandstone Sealer and Enhancer


Thompson’s Patio & Block Paving Seal 5Ltr

*£10.99 Set inc VAT*

Stanley 99e Retractable Knife With 10 Blades – Twin Pack


Rechargeable LED Beanie Hat – Black or Yellow

*£24.99 Inc VAT*

JSP Force8 Mask Respirator With P3 PressToCheck Filters

*£49.99 Inc VAT*

Haemmerlin 1041 Original Wheelbarrow with Pneumatic Wheel Green 90L

*£39.99 Inc VAT*

Chillington Camden Classic Black Wheelbarrow – 85L

*£4.99 Inc VAT*

Shield Light Duty Tarpaulin 2 x 3 meters

*£19.99 Kit Inc VAT*

Timco Addax Carpenters Kit – 5 Piece

*£14.99 Each Inc VAT*

No 2 Square Mouth All Steel Shovel

*£14.99 Inc VAT Twin Pack*

Wilkinson Sword Bypass & Anvil Pruners Twin Pack

*£14.99 Inc VAT*

Heavy Duty Cement Mixing Tray

*£43.99 / Roll Inc VAT*

Hessian Frost Protection Roll

*£14.99 Inc VAT*

3M 4251 Vapour/Particulate Respirator

*£49.99 Inc VAT*

LED Tripod Site Light

£34.99 Inc VAT

Plasterers Builders Poly Bath

£2.99 Each

Drain Tidy

*£29.99 Each Inc VAT*

210Ltr Water Butt

*£12.99 Inc VAT*

Traditional Wellingtons UK 4 – 12

450mm x 450mm x 600mm Cube = £27.99 Inc VAT

Galvanised Landscaping Cube Gabion Basket

£4.99 Tub x 100 Wipes

Heavy Duty Builders Wipes x 100 Wipes

*£16.99 Inc VAT*

Scan Safety Wellingtons UK 6 – 12

£24.99 Inc VAT

50m 4 Arm Rotary Clothes Airer

£3.99 Each Inc VAT

ACO GroundGuard

£4.99 Inc VAT / 12mm x 3m

Rebar Reinforcing Bar 12mm x 3m

£29.99 Inc VAT

Step-Up Work Platform

£14.99 Inc VAT

Step Ladder

£19.99 Inc VAT

2 Tread Aluminium Stepladder

£39.99 Inc VAT

5 Tread Aluminium Stepladder

£14.99 Inc VAT

Folding Box Trolley

£34.99 Inc VAT

Heavy Duty Sack Hand Truck

£7.99 Inc VAT

White Plastic Plasterers Bucket

£5.99 Inc VAT / 40Ltr

40 Ltr Flexi Tub

£39.99 Inc VAT

Measuring Wheel

From £19.99 (7lb) Inc VAT

Fibreglass Sledge Hammer

From £6.99 / 100mm x 10m Roll

Brickfill Expansionthene Joint Roll

£3.99 Inc VAT

Fold Away Compact Step Stool

£19.99 Inc VAT

Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

£3.99 Inc VAT

3 LED Push Light Set

£9.99 Inc VAT

Stainless Steel Solar Powered Wall Light

£14.99 Inc VAT

Solar Powered 9 LED Security Light with PIR

*£19.99 Inc VAT*

Galvanised Garden Incinerator


Irwin 880 UN Universal Panel Saw 500mm (20in) 8tpi

£59.99 Inc VAT

Transformer 3.3kva Dual Socket

£22.99 Inc VAT

Mouse Detail Sander & Sanding Sheets 55 Watt 240 Volt

*£1.50 / Pair Inc VAT*

Premium Builder’s Grip Gloves – Large Size 9

£24.99 Inc VAT

Mirrored Fluorescent Task Light 38 Watt 240 Volt

*£17.99 Inc VAT*

Taper Mouth All Steel Shovel

*£9.99 Inc VAT*

Gardening Rake

£42.99 Inc VAT / 3.6 x 2m Sheet

A142 Reinforcing Mesh 3600 x 2000mm

Pack x 10 bags = £4.99

White Woven Polypropylene Sandbags

£9.99 Each Kit Inc VAT

Wall Starter Kit

From £1.50 Each

Plaster / Angle Beads