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Featured items

*£4.99 per NET*

Net of Softwood Firewood Lumps

*50Ltr Bag = £4.50 Inc VAT*

50Ltr Melcourt Multi-Purpose Peat-Free Compost

*£4.99 Pack (x12 Logs)*

Homefire Heat Logs (x12 Pack)

*£5.00 Inc VAT / 25kg Bag*

25kg Mannok General Purpose Cement (Paper)

*From £39.99/m² Inc VAT - Full Pack*

20mm Outdoor Porcelain Paving – Wood Effect 1200x300mm Planks

*From £36.99/m² Inc VAT - 900x600mm Full Pack*

20mm Outdoor Porcelain Paving – Quartz White

*£149.99 Inc VAT*

100Ltr Belle Warrior Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

*Treated Framing Timber x 3.6m = £4.99 Each Inc VAT*

Framing Timber ex38 x 50mm Kiln Dried Planed Treated

*800x400mm in GREY OR BLACK*

20mm Outdoor Porcelain Paving – Copos 800x400mm

*NOW IN STOCK - From £34.99m² Inc VAT*

20mm Outdoor Porcelain Paving – Rock Deck Gris

*66p Each Block Inc VAT*

Slimsett Block Paving

*NEW STOCK - £50.00 per m² Inc VAT*

Bekstone Tumbled Walling Blocks

*£5.99 Inc VAT / 20kg Bag*

20Kg Blue Circle Ready To Use Slablayer

*£29.99 Inc VAT / 15Kg Tub*

EASYPrime Porcelain Primer 15kg

*From £34.99/m² Inc VAT - 600x600mm Full Pack*

Hammerstone Grey

20mm Outdoor Porcelain Paving – Hammerstone Grey

*£2.99 Each Inc VAT 500x500mm*

Black Plastic Ground Reinforcing Gravel Grids (500x500mm)

*£39.99 Inc VAT / 50m² Roll*

WonderVent 100 Classic Breathable Roofing Felt Membrane 1x50m – 100gsm

*£64.99 Inc VAT / 0.6m³ Jumbo Sack*

Jumbo Sack Blended Premium Topsoil

*£4.75 Each Inc VAT*

Untreated Studwork CLS Timber – 3×2 (38x63mm) x 2400mm

*£39.99 Each Inc VAT*

New Untreated Oak Railway Sleeper 200 x 100 x 2400mm

*£39.99 Inc VAT / 20kg Tub*

Joint-IT (20kg) Brush In Resin Jointing Compound

*NEW STOCK Treated Sleeper Boards = £14.99 Each Inc VAT*

New Sawn Treated Board 200mm x 47mm x 2.4m


Avon Riven Utility Paving 600 x 600 x 35mm

*£6.99 Inc VAT x 3.6m Length*

119mm x 12mm Treated Wooden Shiplap Tongue and Groove Boards

*19x38mm AND 50x25mm TREATED BATTEN*

Treated Timber Roofing Batten

*£89.99 Inc VAT*

SupaWarm Cabinet Heater 4.2Kw

*£49.99 Inc VAT*

Haemmerlin 1041 Original Wheelbarrow with Pneumatic Wheel Green 90L

*From £19.99 Inc VAT / 25mm Board*

PIR Insulation Board (Foil Faced) 2400x1200mm

*£39.99 Inc VAT*

Chillington Camden Classic Black Wheelbarrow – 85L

*£4 per m2 roll - To order only*

Premium Turf

*£34.99 Each Inc VAT*

210Ltr Water Butt with Lockable Lid & Tap

*£4.99 Each Inc VAT*

Agricultural Post Incised Pointed 75x1680mm

*£29.99 Inc VAT / 12.5kg Tub*

EASYJoint Paving Grout and Jointing Compound

*£75.00 Jumbo Sack*

Seasoned Hardwood Firewood (Jumbo Sack)

*From £28.95 Inc VAT / m²*

Tumbled (Vintage) Natural Sandstone Paving – Fossil Mint

*NEW STOCK @ £29.99 Each Inc VAT*

Brazilian Blue/Black Slate – 900x600mm

*£19.99 Inc VAT*

2000W Electric Convection Heater


Irwin 880 UN Universal Panel Saw 500mm (20in) 8tpi

*£75.00 Inc VAT / 0.6m³ Jumbo Sack*

Bark Mulch Nuggets – 0.6m³ Jumbo Sack

£42.99 Inc VAT / 3.6 x 2m Sheet

A142 Reinforcing Mesh 3600 x 2000mm

*£199.99 3-Mix size 9m² Patio Pack*

Yorkstone Riven Paving – 3-Mix Size 9m² Patio Pack

*Ideal For Various Construction Purposes*

Treated Kiln Dried C16/C24 Timber

*NEW STOCK @ £28.99 Each Inc VAT*

Machine Cut Softwood Sleepers 200x100mm x 2.4m

*NEW STOCK @ £32.00 Each Inc VAT*

Grade A Reclaimed Railway Sleepers x 2.6m


Timber Decking Boards

*£2.99 / 20Ltr Bag*

20Ltr Bag Graded Top Soil

*From £25.89/m² Inc VAT -Full Pack*

Natural Sandstone Paving (Value) – Kandla Grey

*£4.99 per Handy Bag*

Pink/Brown Rock Salt (Handy Bag)

*NEW STOCK - £4.99 BAG Inc VAT*

20kg Bag Post Mix

*NEW STOCK* £4.50 Large Bag Inc VAT

Kiln Dried Sand

*NEW STOCK* £5.99 / 20Kg BAG

Mortar Mix (Handy Bag)

*From £30.00 Roll 25m x 2m (50m2)*

Heavy Duty Woven Weed Control Membrane

*£4.50 Net or 3 Nets for £12.00*

Hardwood Seasoned Logs (Net)

*£8.00 / 20kg Pre-Packed Bag*

Traditional House Coal Doubles

*6x6ft & 6x5ft IN STOCK*

Continental Sussex Wave Top (Model 33)

*Cheapest 450x450mm Slab @ £2.75 Each Inc VAT*

Premier Riven 450x450mm Slabs


Peak Riven


Waney / Overlap Fence Panels

*Jumbo Sack = £46.00*

General Purpose Screened Economy Top Soil


Closeboard / Featheredge Fence Panels