Featured Products

*£15.99 per Sheet Inc VAT*

OSB3 T&G 2400mmx600mm x 18mm Boards

*NEW STOCK - 3.6m Length @ £5.99 Each Inc VAT*

Framing Timber ex38 x 50mm Kiln Dried Planed Treated


NEW Unbanded Untreated Scaffold Board Planks

*2.4m = £3.99 Each Inc VAT*

Untreated Studwork CLS Timber – 3×2 (38x63mm) x 2400mm


120mm x 19mm Treated Wooden Loglap Cladding

*NEW STOCK - 2.4m Length @ £12.99 Each Inc VAT*

New Sawn Treated Board 200mm x 47mm x 2.4m

*3.6m Length @ £6.99 Each Inc VAT*

119mm x 12mm Treated Wooden Shiplap Tongue and Groove Boards

Treated Softwood Gravel Board

*19x38mm AND 50x25mm TREATED BATTEN*

Treated Timber Roofing Batten

*£3.99 Each Inc VAT*

Q Grip Strip Anti-Slip Decking Insert

*£14.99 per Sheet Inc VAT*

P5 T&G Chipboard Flooring – 18mm x 600mm x 2400mm

*£39.99 Inc VAT / 3.6m Length*

SmartBoard Reversible Composite Decking

*£11.99 Each Inc VAT*

Decking Rope Ends

*£16.99 Each Inc VAT*

Decking Newel Rope Post – Pre-Drilled

*£4.99 per Meter Inc VAT*

28mm Synthetic Polyhemp Decking Rope

*£9.99 Inc VAT x 1.8m Length*

Decking Hand & Base Rail Green

*£2.49 Each Inc VAT*

Square Spindle

Decking Spindles 40 x 40 x 895mm

*£16.99 Each Inc VAT*

Square Decking Newel Deck Post 80 x 80mm x 1.3m Green

*£5.99 Each Inc VAT*

Agricultural Post Incised Pointed 75x1680mm

*£6.99 Each x 1m Length*

Garden Edging Panel 15 cm x 1 m


Ronseal Decking Cleaner and Reviver 5 Ltr