UltraScape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer – 20Kg Bag

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UltraScape Pro-Prime slurry primer is a paving primer that is used to create an exceptionally strong bond between your paving slabs and the bedding mortar, it can also dramatically reduce the risk of efflorescence or staining appearing on the surface of your paving.

Traditionally, paving and cobbles would have been laid directly onto the bedding mortar, risking loose and wobbly slabs over time, using a priming slurry such as UltraScape Pro-Prime, helps to eliminate this as the primer creates a really strong bond between the paving slabs & bedding mortar. Pro-Prime Slurry is also highly recommended when installing porcelain because of the non-porous nature of porcelain, without the use of a primer it will not bond to the mortar bed.

  • Highly recommended when laying porcelain paving
  • Provides a secure bond between slabs, cobbles & mortar bed
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Colour: Grey
  • Coverage: 15m2 per 20kg bag at 1-2mm thickness
  • Yield: 16.9 litres
  • Supplied in a 20kg reinforced paper bag.
  • User-friendly – requires only the addition of water on-site
  • Water Required: 7 litres per 20kg
  • BS 7533 compliant
  • Part of the UltraScape mortar paving system
  • Workability: 1 hour @ 20ºC

How do I prepare to use Pro-Prime Slurry Primer?

Remove all debris, dirt and ponded water from the supporting structure or roadbase. It is important that the roadbase as well as the paving slabs are cleaned by brushing or washing with water to remove dust, loose material or packaging prior to the application of UltraScape Pro-Prime slurry paving primer.

How do I mix Pro-Prime Slurry Primer?

Place 7 litres of clean water in a suitable bucket or container. Add the UltraScape Pro-Prime powder slowly and mix for 3 to 5 minutes to create a smooth lump-free slurry. The primer should be used on the supporting layer or roadbase immediately prior to the application of the laying course. Then prime the underside of paving elements with Pro-Prime using a brush or roller at a thickness of 1mm-2mm immediately before their placement upon the bedding mortar. The slurry should be fresh and wet when the fine bedding concrete is laid.

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