EASYJoint Paving Jointing Compound – 12.5kg

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EASYJoint Jointing Compound is an all weather jointing compound. Rain or Shine – it goes in fine!

No longer do you have to wait for a break in the weather. EASYJoint is so versatile that it can be applied in virtually any weather condition imaginable. So, no matter if it is scorching hot, or a wet and cold winters day, you can get on with the job. And what’s more, you don’t have to protect your work from rain or frost after you’ve applied it!

  • 15 to 20 times faster than conventional methods of jointing.
  • Can be applied in the rain. Not affected if it rains after it has been laid.
  • Can be laid even in high summer temperatures.
  • Water can drain through, but weeds will not penetrate up.
  • Safe for domestic driveways for vehicles up to 3 tonnes (subject to an adequate foundation).
  • Does not stain the surface or leave any cement haze. Very clean.
  • Can be used with almost every type of paving material that has a gap width of at least 3mm and 25mm deep
  • Guaranteed for life provided the container remains sealed.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be applied in sub zero temperatures. Not only this but there’s no need to protect it from frost when it is newly laid.
  • Opened but unused product can be stored for later use. Absolutely no wastage! You can even retrieve the residue left on the paving.
  • Ready mixed.
  • Easy to handle tubs
  • Range of colours
  • Pressure Washer Resistant


It is important that you read the full instructions before use, including information on how to lay the paving if you intend to use EASYJoint Jointing Compound and all relevant precautions. 

Brief Instructions:

  1. Thoroughly wet the surface area to be jointed. The wetter the better! Don’t worry about water settling in the joints.
  2. Open the tub and remove the inner vacuum bag. Cut open and pour about half over the surface to be jointed.
  3. Sweep into the joints with a broom or squeegee.
  4. Using a hose on a “fan” or “fine spray” setting, flush the compound into the joints to ensure it fully settles to the bottom.
  5. Top up any sagging joints with more EASYJoint.
  6. Flush again to ensure the joints are fully filled (topping up again if necessary).
  7. Apply a final fine spray to the paving to clear away any final traces of compound and allow to dry.
  8. Optional – for a better looking joint, once the water has drained away and the surface of the paving is starting to dry, run a jointing trowel or iron over the joints to smooth the surface.
  9. Job Done!

Suitability for use and precautions:

  • EASYJoint Jointing Compound is suitable for all natural stone and concrete paving applications subject to the joint being a minimum of 25mm deep and a minimum 3mm wide throughout.
  • EASYJoint should only be used in free draining areas.
  • Use plenty of water throughout standard wet application process to mimimise the risk of marking the stone, especially during warm/hot spells.
  • Polished, Smooth and more sensitive/absorbent stones should always be sealed with an appropriate sealant prior to EASYJoint being used.

Further information and a handy calculator can be found on the Azpects website.

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